Basiclinux Add-ons Page

The purpose of this site is to provide, by popular request, a repository for Basiclinux add-ons. "What is Basiclinux?" you ask. Basiclinux is a slimmed down Linux distribution based on Slackware that aims to run more efficiently on older hardware. Basiclinux (BL) 1.x can run on 386 machines with as little as 4MB RAM (note: BL1 is now considered deprecated but is still available). BL 2.x has slightly higher hardware requirements, needing at least a 486 DX with no less than 8MB RAM to run (note: BL2 is no longer being developed but is still available for download and may be a better choice in certain circumstances). BL3.x, released early in 2004, has system requirements very similar to BL1.x, but it comes with a preconfigured gui and is set to run select graphical programs “out of the box.” For more information on these 3 BL releases, see their respective main pages at: (BL 3), (BL 2) or (BL1). A big thanks to Steven Darnold for all versions of Basiclinux.

If you visit/have visited the pages listed above, you will see that some files related to all BL versions are available there for download. Those files are what could be termed the "core" files for a BL install - essentially what you need to get the operating system installed and running on your system. The files located at this site, in contrast, will be add-ons - the stuff you may need to enhance the functionality of your BL system, once you've gotten the core installed and running. Simply follow the links below for the version of BL you are running to view and/or download the add-ons of your choice.

A final note. If you are a BL user and would like to see certain packages posted for download at this site for the benefit of other BL users, please post information on the exact location (URL) of that/those files to the BL listserv (go to for information on subscribing and posting to the list). Alternatively, you could email me the package(s) as an attachment, using the address under which I subscribe to the list (yes, you'll have to join the list to get that address). Thanks for your interest in BL and for visiting this site.

Go here for BL 3 add-ons.

Go here for BL 2 add-ons.

Go here for BL 1 add-ons.